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About the artist; Lesley Styles

Lesley began her art journey very young, having a passion for creativity from an early age. She decided to do an art degree at university, but after completing it with flying colours decided to try her hand at different professions. 

Lesley found herself at age 60, only dabbling in

her passion for art occasionally, when unforeseen

circumstances changed her outlook on life.

January of 2020, Lesley was diagnosed with

breast cancer. A shock to her and her family,

Lesley went through some very hard times in that

year, all while the rest of the world was going

through a pandemic at the same time. Being at home, quarantining with her family while recovering from chemotherapy, radiation and various surgeries, Lesley found herself with a lot of time on her hands, and decided that life was too short to not be doing what you love. 


Lesley began to reignite her passion for art and creating, starting with work that was quite abstract, and just having fun with it! Gradually she found her love for pastels and took inspiration from photos sent from friends when they went for a walk, and the world around her. 

As Lesley began to recover from her battle with cancer she continued to create, and with encouragement from her family, decided to take an art teaching job, which allowed her to explore various mediums that she was previously unsure of, and find love in different art styles such as oil paints and ink, which she continues to experiment with now. 

Although not working as an art teacher currently, Lesley offers private classes to those wanting to explore their creative side, or learn a new method!

Lesley continues to paint and create almost everyday, and would ideally like to make her art her full time job, earning enough money to be able to travel with her husband when he retires, and to support her children.

Lesley takes part in as many craft fairs as she can and tries to exhibit her work wherever she can to get the word out there, and has had a lot of support from family and friends. 

Lesley is largely inspired by landscapes and and nature, and has explored abstract art to realism, and continues to experiment with what she can create. 

She is also specifically inspired by Georgia Okeith's botanical work- and also the grand masters when it comes to oil paints, and impressionism with soft pastels. 

She aims to create a sense of escapism within her pieces as that’s what the process of creating art is like for her, and she wants to portray that to her audiences. 


We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you find something that speaks to you!

- This excerpt was written by Lesleys daughter, who is extremely proud of her mum 


Leaf Pattern Design

Social Club 

Malvern, England


Guildhall Xmas Market

Worcester, England



Coming Soon...



Social Club

Lesley's work will be exhibited at a social club in Malvern from the 15th of August to the

17th of November. This event is exclusive to the social club members and isn't open to the general public.

Prices will range from £200-£350 for original pieces only.

Guildhall Christmas Market 

The guildhall in Worcester is holding a Christmas market event from the 11th-17th of December, where Lesley will be exhibiting original artwork, prints of various sizes and greeting cards.

Prints of original art pieces will be available for around £40, and prices for originals will be around £300.

Greeting cards will also be available for around £3 each.

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